HoloLAB Champions

HoloLAB Champions is an immersive virtual reality chemistry lab developed by Schell Games for HTC Vive.  I was primarily responsible for designing and implementing narrative content and systems that controlled the game’s main characters. I also tuned and iterated on systems related to using various lab equipment, such as pouring.

The Sims 4: Seasons

I worked on Seasons during its pre-production and design writing phases of development. My primary responsibility was ideating, outlining, and documenting new features for the expansion. Doing so, I worked with other designers, along with members of the art, engineering, and production teams to appropriately scope and iterate on the features.

The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs

I worked on the systems design team to create, tune, and iterate on various objects and features for Cats and Dogs.

Of Blood and Water – Dragon Age Tabletop RPG Adeventure

Of Blood and Water is a five-act RPG adventure written for the Dragon Age tabletop RPG system by Green Ronin. It was created as a semester-long project for the RPG Writing Workshop course at Carnegie Mellon University. My writing contributions to this project include the one-page treatment, multiple character sheets, and Act 5’s step outline, prose, and dramatic scene.

By the Campfire

By the Campfire is a short interactive-narrative designed to promote active listening and empathetic conversation skills in teenagers.


Conversations is a short interactive story that is designed to be played cooperatively on a single mobile device. The game addresses the topic of sexual consent by having the players make choices in scenarios where their ability to give consent may be impacted.

Treasure Hunters – Pitch Document

Treasure Hunters is an asymmetric mobile VR puzzle game pitch that was given as a final assignment for Jesse Schell’s Game Design course at Carnegie Mellon University. A PDF of the Treasure Hunters Pitch is found here.

This Game is Pointless

This Game is Pointless is a strange, pointless game created for Jesse Schell’s Game Design course at Carnegie Mellon University. Players control a frowning square as they find themselves in a strange new world. Talk to characters, solve some puzzles, kill Hitler, this game offers it all.

Greedy Graverobbers

Greedy Graverobbers is a tabletop dice game created for Jesse Schell’s Game Design course at Carnegie Mellon University.  Here is the ruleset.

Robo Repair: Addition and Subtraction

ArithMagic is a five-person team developing a math-focused educational game for elementary school students at the Intermediate Unit 1 Educational Campus at East Franklin. We are working closely with a class of eleven children, in grades kindergarten through fifth, who require additional support and special education services.

BeeBall – Global Game Jam 2017

Created by a four-person team for Global Game Jam 2017, BeeBall is a two-player competitive game where players use flippers and waves to knock a beehive onto their opponent.

Ships Ahoy!

Created by a five-person team over two weeks, Ships Ahoy! is a pirate-shanty karaoke experience in a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). Players sing original pirate shanties alongside their captain after a mutiny leaves them with only a small dingy. Through song, they are able to boost forward and fire cannonballs as they chase their stolen ship.

The Wait

Created by a five-person team over two weeks, The Wait is a mixed reality emotional experience that features interactions with physical objects and virtual characters using Hololens. The Player assumes the role of an anxious mother who is waiting in a hospital room while her daughter is undergoing surgery. Through interacting with objects in the room, the player experiences the mother’s memories and is compelled to empathize with the mother by emotionally connecting with the daughter.

Save or Sushi

Created by a five-person team in one week, Save or Sushi is an eye tracking game developed using Unity 5 for the EyeGaze Eyetracker. The player is tasked with saving their cute animal friends from an evil sushi chef. If the player looks at one of the animals, they will lift the animal up and out of danger.


Created by a five-person team in two weeks, InSECTS – Intense Space Emergency Command Training Simulation, is a virtual reality action game developed using Unity 5 for the HTC Vive. In InSECTS, players assume the role of a starship captain as he defends his ship from an alien attack.

Safely Home

Safely Home was created by a five-person team in two weeks. Players take control of the ghost of a loving brother who is trying to guide his sister home. Using the Leap Motion controller, players use their hands to fix bridges and place ladders, allowing the girl to traverse the level. Further, the player must smack away evil ghosts, who are attempting to haunt the young girl.

Silent Silhouette

Created in one week for the Building Virtual Worlds course at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. Players take on the role of a ninja as she sneaks through the world, avoiding or killing guards. However, with each kill the player learns about the guards family, and at the end, they receive a tally of how many wives they have widowed and how many children they have left fatherless.

Educational Benefits of Hearthstone: Lecture Presentation

The slides for a lecture I gave on the educational benefits of Hearthstone when I was a teaching assistant for IMS 225: Games and Learning at Miami University.

From the Journal of Randolph Warren Carter

With an original story, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, From the Journal of Randolph Warren Carter is an award-winning 2D narrative horror game developed in Unity 5. Players take control of George Matthew Carter as he wanders through the darkness of his Great-Uncle Randolph’s empty abode. During this time, he finds a series of notes detailing events of Randolph’s past and discovers the maddening horrors of an ancient evil force.

Rija’s Day

Rija’s Day is a short interactive-story about cultural discrimination. Players control Rija, as she goes about her daily business, such as walking down the street, entering her car, or eating at a restaurant. Throughout the day, Rija becomes the victim of violence and verbal abuse similar to what the people of various cultures experience every day.

Hard Reset

Made in two hours by two bored game developers, Hard Reset explores the existential crises of a game’s AI as the player continually completes the game. Thus, the AI must experience being destroyed and reborn, over and over and over.

Grown to Die

Created for Global Game Jam 2016, Grown to Die follows the story of a tiny mouse witch. Charlotte, as she seeks entry into a council of witches. Charlotte collects seeds throughout the level, beans and corn, which can be sacrificed to help her traverse the environment. The beans turn into climbable vines, while the corn grows into a stalk and falls to create a bridge. After reaching a teleportation alter, she will be sent to the next level.

Binary Choice

The first game I ever created using Unity. Binary Choice is a 2D narrative puzzle game prototype. Players find themselves in control of a newly create artificial intelligence who is tasked with retrieving information from various databases. As the player retrieves the information, they thus gain further understanding of the surrounding narrative.

Fish Outta Water

Created as part of a 4-hour long game jam during the REcon geek festival at Miami University. The game jam theme was “scarcity of water.” Accumulate points by jumping from bowl to bowl while avoiding the claws of the mischievous cat.