The Wait

An extensive blog post detailing the challenges we faced while developing the wait can be found here: The Wait – Creating an Emotionally Engaging Hololens Experience in Two Weeks

A preview into the future possibilities of mixed reality storytelling using the Microsoft Hololens, The Wait creates a mixed reality experience by combining live acting, interaction with physical objects, and virtual characters. The Player assumes the role of an anxious mother who is waiting in a hospital room while her daughter is undergoing surgery. Through interacting with objects in the room, memories relating to the daughter’s illness and treatment manifest as holograms. The daughter and the doctor realistically exist in the world, despite being virtual, thus creating a more immersive experience. The daughter can sit and lie on the physical bed, for example, due to the mapping of the physical objects into the virtual space. The Player is invited to comfort the daughter during the memories, as she asks the Player to hold her hand when she is scared, bring her drawing paper when she is bored, and to hug her when she can’t sleep. Due to these experiences, the player is compelled to empathize with the mother by emotionally connecting with the daughter.

As part of the five-person team that created The Wait, I worked as a writer and programmer. I wrote the character dialogue, designed the physical interactions that take place, and scripted animations for various scenes.

The Wait was created as part of Building Virtual Worlds at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center.

Anora Albert

Aaron Albert
Yang Wang

Zhi “Zach” Ai
Feng Rao

Sound Designer
Ramya Sriraman