Ships Ahoy!

Created by a five-person team over two weeks, Ships Ahoy! is a pirate shanty karaoke experience in a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). Players sing original pirate shanties, alongside their captain, after a mutiny leaves them with only a small dingy. Through song, they are able to boost forward and fire cannonballs as they chase their stolen ship.

For this project, I worked as a programmer, systems designer, and was responsible for asset implementation. I designed and implemented the power-ups that are earned by correctly singing in the game. Words on the screen appeared blue or red. Blue words that were sung contributed to a speed boost gauge, that when filled would blast the ship forward. Red words needed to be sung loudly and would contribute to a cannonball gauge that would launch a cannonball at the enemy ship when full, damaging and slowing it. I also scripted the environmental transitions with each song and the various elements (rain, lightning,) that created the storm. Furthermore, I implemented the sound assets, art assets, and created the victory/score screen.

Created for Building Virtual Worlds at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center.

Anora Albert
MD Tauseef
Matthew Stone

Rony Kahana

Composer and Sound Designer
Daniel Cohen