Save or Sushi

Created by a five-person team in one week, Save or Sushi is an eye tracking game developed using Unity 5 for the EyeGaze Eyetracker. The player is tasked with saving their cute animal friends from an evil sushi chef. If the player looks at one of the animals, they will lift the animal up and out of danger.

Created for Building Virtual Worlds at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. The prompt for the assignment was “Lightening Round”, create a fun-focused world in one week.

For this project, I designed and scripted the core gameplay loop – lifting the animals away from the knives, playtested and designed a system for changing the knife positions as the game continued, scripted animations for the animals and the chef, and implemented sound and art assets.

With only one week to develop this title, it was necessary to rapidly create prototypes to test our game mechanics. After we decided on the game’s mechanic during a team meeting, I immediately went to create a working prototype using Unity’s 2D sprite primitives. In the initial prototype, the player used eye tracking to move the balls around the screen. In order to simplify this system, we decided that the player should only lift the objects upwards, which creates the core gameplay of lifting the animals away from the knives.


Anora Albert
Pradnesh Patil

Xiao Bao
Xin “Cindy” Tu

Sound Designer
Justin Campbell