Safely Home

Safely Home was created by a five-person team in two weeks. Players take control of the ghost of a loving brother who is trying to guide his sister home. Using the Leap Motion controller, players use their hands to fix bridges and place ladders, allowing the girl to traverse the level. Further, the player must smack away evil ghosts, who are attempting to haunt the young girl.

For this project, I scripted the girl’s movement system and animations, the movement and animations of the ghost, the Leap Motion hands to swat away the ghosts, and implemented art and sound assets.

The game was created using Unity 5 and utilizes the Oculus Rift VR headset and the Leap Motion motion controller.

Created for the Building Virtual Worlds at CMU ETC. The prompt for the assignment was “The Guest helps Character A who is afraid of Character B.”

Anora Albert
Zhenhao “Joe” Xiong

Beizhun Hu
Jinchao Han

Sound Designer and Producer
Leona Yang

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