HoloLAB Champions

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HoloLAB Champions is an immersive virtual reality chemistry lab developed by Schell Games for HTC Vive.


  • I was a Designer on a small team developing for HTC Vive using Unity.
  • Wrote and implemented dialogue voice-over while working with the audio team to ensure high-quality dialogue reactions.
  • Designed a dialogue priority system to handle communication between the characters and the player, and conversations between the two characters.
  • Created narrative outlines and beat flowcharts to communicate gameplay flow and dialogue needs.
  • Worked with Engineering team members to design and implement interaction systems between the player and the games’ two characters, Earl and Meyer.
  • Worked with Art team members to ideate and implement character animations and facial expressions.
  • Iterated, tuned, and refined systems that control visuals of liquid and solid substances during player interaction with lab equipment.
  • Prototyped various lab challenges.
  • Implemented changes between the game’s “Event” Mode and “Training” mode.