From the Journal of Randolph Warren Carter

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With an original story, inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, From the Journal of Randolph Warren Carter is an award-winning 2D narrative horror game developed in Unity 5. Players take control of George Matthew Carter as he wanders through the darkness of his Great-Uncle Randolph’s empty abode. During this time, he finds a series of notes detailing events of Randolph’s past and discovers the maddening horrors of an ancient evil force.

Designed to be completed in under 20 minutes, From the Journal of Randolph Warren Carter captures emotional investment and interesting narrative often found within the horror genre and delivers it as a short, yet engaging experience.


  • Best Narrative Game – AIMS Games Festival / AIMS Student Game Awards

Displayed at:

  • Ohio Game Developers Expo
  • Aims Games Festival


Writing, design, art, programming, and development by Anora Albert
Music by Jonathan Lucy –
Most sound effects retrieved from