BeeBall – Global Game Jam 2017

BeeBall can be downloaded here.

Winner of “Best Theming” at the GGJ Pittsburgh location. 

I wrote a blog post about making BeeBall that can be found here

Welcome to BeeBall, the coolest SPORTS game in the whole forest. Take control of one of the top BeeBall Bears as you use your earth-bending powers to knock dangerous beehives onto your opponent in this competitive two-player game. Each player has access to a series of flippers, as well as a powerful wave attack.

For this project, I engaged in designing, scripting, and asset implementation.

During our early playtests, we discovered that games could go on for a very long time. We decided that it would be a good idea to have the hives do more damage as time went on. I scripted the hives so that each time they were hit, a new bee would spawn. The player that gets hit with a hive then takes damage depending on the number of bees circling the hive. I also scripted the animations, health bar, and bee behaviors.

Christopher Weidya

Kuk Kim

Technical Designer
Sunil Nayak

Game Designer
Anora Albert